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About CIRN Digital Exhibitions

The Competing Imperialisms Research Network Digital Exhibitions site exhibits items connected to the history of imperialism and resistance in Northeast Asia in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. The items illustrate geopolitical rivalries, imperialism, nationalism, revolution and war.

This site is a project of the Competing Imperialisms in Northeast Asia Research Network (CIRN). The CIRN brings together UK-based and Japan-based scholars to develop interdisciplinary approaches to Northeast Asia’s turbulent modern history of imperialism, interconnection and resistance. The project is led by Queen's University Belfast and Waseda University, with St Petersburg University. For more about the CIRN project, visit the main project website.

CIRN Project coordinators

Dr Aglaia De Angeli (PI): Queen’s University Belfast
Prof. Tsuchiya Reiko (Co-I): Waseda University
Dr Emma Reisz   (Co-I): Queen’s University Belfast
Prof. Peter O’Connor (Co-editor): Musashino & Waseda Universities
Prof. Peter Robinson (Co-editor): Japan Women's University
Prof. Nikita Kovrigin (Co-convenor): St Petersburg University

Digital Exhibitions research assistants

Philip Magowan (digital collections)
Jordana Maguire (GIS, mapping)


Economic and Social Research Council, UK
Arts and Humanities Research Council, UK