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Elizabeth Keith's illustration, on the cover of The Times' Japanese Supplement. Illustration depicts the rising sun over Tokyo bay. There is thriving industry, shown by a multitude of smoking factory chimneys, and a prepared fleet looking seaward…
The China Monthly review, edited by American, Shanghai-dwelling journalist, John William Powell, was produced from the end of World War Two in 1945, until the firm ran low on funding in July 1953. The periodical had original been 'The China Weekly…
Cover of book, showing a Korean child lying on the body of his Mother, victims of the Korean War. Subtitle: 'Revelations and confessions written by American soldiers of torture, rape, arson, looting and cold-blooded murder of defenceless civilians…

China News (Vol. 2, No 4/5)
The printed 'Vol. 4' has been crossed out and replaced with 'Vol. 5'. News published in London but produced in China.
Articles on China in this issue: 'Future of African Trade', 'Red Mongolia', 'Greetings by Comrade Chow Ho-Sin to the Seventh World…

Far Eastern Affairs.jpg
A collection of copies of a monthly American periodical indicating developments in prevailing affairs in Northeast Asia. Published in San Francisco.

Issues in O'Connor's collection:
April 1938 (Vol. 1, No. 2): Shall We Fight Japan?
May - June…
The frontcover of The Times' Russian Supplement, No. 16, 15 Jan, 1916. The cover is an engraving by Ulric van den Bogaerde which depicts the Russian ship, Archangel.

Cover: The Sino-Soviet Treaty and Agreements
Sino-Soviet Treaty of 1950; indicating the formation of new alliances in north east Asia.
A pamphlet published in 1950 by the Daily Worker. This headline clipping indicates Korea's position both as a contested territory and a victim to competing imperialsms.
No. 3439. 'An evening newspaper published every 5 days except on Sundays & the Japanese national holidays'

Japan advertiser pp42-43.jpg
A two page spread from the Japan Advertiser Magazine (1938-1939), of photographs showing Japanese instigated agricultural and industrial developments in the region.
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