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Japan To-day was issued from June-October 1938. It was edited by Japanese writer Hiroshi Kikuchi under his pen name Kan Kikuchi. He was known for his ample support for the Japanese Imperial War effort, and he supported this through his many…

the tragic death of chang tso-lin cover.pdf
This book 'appreciates the political significance of the murder of Chang Tso-lin, and appreciates the urgent value of a study of the murder as a basis for an understanding of the events obtaining now in the Three Eastern Provinces... The writer…

Biography, traveller's journal. A book detailing Mr Alcott's time spent in Asia. Detailing incidents in Japan and the Philippines (roughly 1920s - 1940s).

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A map which is a pullout from the Nippon Magazine. The magazine was produced by the Tourist board of Japan and shows the people's Republic of China with regions of Manchuria.

Nippon Magazine: A multilingual pictorial journal launched in 1934,…

Photographs curated to display elements of Japanese culture and provide insights to this cultural advance into Manchuria. The CIRN Exhibition (QUB, Sept 2019) displayed the map on the back cover of the magazine. This map shows Japan's transport links…
No. 3439. 'An evening newspaper published every 5 days except on Sundays & the Japanese national holidays'
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