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China and foreign powers cover.jpg
A brief history of British relations with China, prepared by Sir Frederick Whyte (a member of the Institute of Pacific Relations) for a 'conference where persons from various countries bordering on the Pacific Ocean [gathered] to discuss the social…

recollections cover only.jpg
Traveller's biography detailing a British soldier's memories of life in the far east. Most of the book details events from the 1850s such as the Battle of the Muddy Flat (April, 1954).

boxer indemnity and chinese education cover.jpg
'An exposition of various viewpoints embodying the ideal of hastening the friendliness of Great Britain towards China... the most feasible way, near at hand, is the remission of the British share of the Boxer indemnity to China for educational…

Biography, traveller's journal. A book detailing Mr Vaughn's nine years spent in Asia.

Cover: The Sino-Soviet Treaty and Agreements
Sino-Soviet Treaty of 1950; indicating the formation of new alliances in north east Asia.
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